Next training, Weds 19th Oct, 7.30pm

Pre-race time trial!


This weekend there will be NO Sunday run as all three of the FitBitch running coaches, Melissa, Katie and Rachael are in Palma with 21 of the run club who have been training for Palma Half Marathon and 10k (wish us luck!)

Normal Sunday service will resume in a week, where we will be taking the distances back down again (for some) and building back up for those training for the Brighton 10k, Brighton Half and the Full whammy!

OUr next training session, Weds 19th will be a Time trial of 1km. You will get the chance to run 1k three times and record your fastest time to compare in two to three months time (we have the records from the last time).

Don’t worry if you are a beginner – everyone can run 1km. This is not a test against other people but a way of marking where you are now, so you can see how you are improving over time.

The rest of the session will focus on biomechanic strengthening and core work so bring your yoga mats, and foam rollers if you have one.
Where: the patch of grass adjacent to Hove Street South ( you can park in King Alfred’s Car park)
Time: 7.30pm
Trainers: Rachael & Katie
Drop in: £5


4 responses to “Next training, Weds 19th Oct, 7.30pm

  1. Hi, I will be there! 🙂

  2. Who is coming to this training session tonight? please comment so I can ensure I have enough coaches on hand

  3. I’m coming!

  4. I’m coming too! Sorry for short notice! Anna

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