Social run for all, Sun 23rd October, 8am

Escape to the Downs

Whether you have just returned from Palma with us, or you are a beginner who wants to escape the monotony of road running to experience the beauty of the Downs, this Sunday’s run at the earlier time of 8am is for you.

Choose between just over 6miles with a loop back to the start, or 3miles that will involve you retracing your steps (map not included for this as it’s self explanatory).

For the full 6mile option


Meet: First car park on Devil’s Dyke Road
Time: 8am
Lead runner: Rachael
Back up runner: Kate
Those doing 3miles will return to start position without a trainer in order to enable those wanting to go long to have support at the front and back of the group.
Drop in: £5

Would be great to see the Palma contingent out there!


19 responses to “Social run for all, Sun 23rd October, 8am

  1. Hmm, will be out for my b’day the night before…….so don’t think I will make it!!! Have fun FBs.

  2. Yes please- it would be great to join you for the 6 miles, but is there any chance of a lift from anyone in the Hove vicinity? Thanks.

  3. Hi – I’ll be there for the 6 miles, Thanks J

  4. Would love to be there but will be at home sulking & resting my stupid shoulder!!

  5. I’d like to join too – like Sophia I would be interested in a lift from Hove area! Could anyone driving leave a reply or text me on 07812 199957? Thanks! Anna.

  6. Recovering from lurgy but would like to join you for three miles.

  7. Tracey Cresswell

    Mmmm, 6 miles might be a bit much for me after a 2 week running hiatus, but I do need to get limbered up for the Brighton 10K next month. Presumably I can decide on the morning? Stav, I can give you a lift.

  8. I’m coming for 3 miles. Haven’t done any exercise since our graduation run, so reckon 6 miles might kill me!

  9. Tracey Cresswell

    Sorry, to avoid any further confusion, should say that Anna will go you
    with as arranged.

  10. Rachel-just wondering how far we went this morning and in what time roughly as want to log it!Thanks

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