The FitBitch Running Season, 2011-2012

FitBitches conquer Palma

Last weekend, we took part in the TUI Palma Half Marathon and 10k. It was a huge success with all 24 FitBitch runners crossing the finish line.

For some, there were personal bests, while for others it was their first ever race – and what a beautiful weekend it was!

Want to be part of our next adventure? Read on…

Brooks Brighton 10k, 20th November, 2011

Brighton Half Marathon, 19th February 2012

International Half Marathon/10k race TBC March, 2012 (Berlin or Rome)

Brighton Marathon, April 15th, 2012. Training will start Sunday 6th November with Kate who will be leading our dedicated women only marathon training, details to come.

Croyde-Woolacoombe Half Marathon, June 2012.

Royal Parks Half Marathon,
, October 7th, 2012

Palma Half Marathon & 10k,
, October 16th, 2012

Lake Garda Marathon or 15K , October 9th
Garda Trentino Half Marathon, November 11th, 2012

How can you sign up? Comment here on which race you are interested in and once we have seen which has interest we will release race package prices (training plan, package of runs, plus small admin fee for organisation of international races). Don’t worry, commenting does not tie you in!

I don’t know about some of you regular half marathon runners but, dare I say it, I’m tempted by the Big M at Lake Garda!

12 responses to “The FitBitch Running Season, 2011-2012

  1. Hi Rachel. I’m already signed up for Brooks 10k and Brighton half marathon. That’s probably enough for now! Eagerly waiting to start my training plan – and to pick up my T-shirt, of course. I’ll definitely be coming to running club on Wed evenings from now on. Kate x

  2. Signed up for Brooks & Brighton half.
    Count me in for Rome, Croyde & Garda

  3. Hi, have signed up for the brighton half, and dare I say I have a place in the london marathon,so would definitely be interested in the marathon training with kate. If my body is still in one piece after all that! I would be interested in something later on in the year.

  4. Hi ladies, i’m doing the brighton marathon and would maybe be interested in some long run sessions when the mileage gets high!

  5. I’m already in for Brighton Half and Brighton Full so yes please to marathon training with Kate – Garda 15K sounds good to me for after that…

  6. Rome half and Garda please!

  7. I’m a yes for Palma again and/or one of the Garda runs (the full sounds very interesting!) Hubby and I ‘discussing’ plans for Brighton full as I think he’d like me to train with him for that…

  8. I’d be interested in Berlin/Rome in March and the October 2012 Italian options. Am already signed up for Brooks 10K and Brighton half. Rachel – I’ve not filled in a liability waiver or health form – if you need me to do that, can you email me them or I can collect on Sunday? Ta! Anna.

  9. Hi
    I am also signed up for the Brooks 10k and Brighton half. Like Karen i also have a place for London so would be interested in the marathon training…

  10. I am signed up for Brooks 10k, Brighton Half and Brighton Marathon.
    I’m interested in ALL the other events, especially the international ones. As you know, I’m based in London so I have trouble making the weeknight training sessions, but would be very interested in any virtual distance-training or training weekends. Please keep me posted! x

  11. Sorry delayed reaction. I’m signed up for the Brooks & Brighton Half. Croyde & Lake Garda look good too.

  12. Hi Rachel,

    I would be interested in a 10 k; Rome / Berlin next March and Palma next Oct . See you this Saturday


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