Gait & Biomechancis for Runners Workshop: Weds 9th Nov, 7-9.30pm

Slow down your running movement to help boost your speed

Whether you have just started running, or you are an experienced runner, the opportunity to take part in this workshop should not be missed.
Identifying issues with the way your body moves could help prevent you becoming injured, and will certainly make you a stronger runner.
Some of those who have done our one week running school are already aware of some of these issues, but this workshop will help you understand it more fully.
To read more about gait analysis and what you can expect to learn from the workshop, you can read the article that founder, Rachael Woolston wrote for click here
All those attending the workshop will get £10 off the service, and our FitBitch trainers are also offering exclusive special one-to-one deals on biomechanical training to focus on any areas that then come to light.
Numbers are strictly limited to 15 for this workshop so book soon via our Prices and Booking page at if you are interested.
Price: £20
Location: Studio 57, The Agora Building
Ground Floor West Wing
Ellen Street
Hove East Sussex


5 responses to “Gait & Biomechancis for Runners Workshop: Weds 9th Nov, 7-9.30pm

  1. Hey Rachael
    Im planning on starting my Living Social deal from 2nd November, so was hoping to come along to this workshop, if it’s included?

  2. Hi Rachael, is this workshop included in our Living Social deal? If it is I would like to attend. Thank you. Gen

  3. Hi Lucy and Gen
    sorry,this workshop is not included in the living social deal. it was only the yoga for runners and foam roller. if you wld like to book it, do so via the prices and booking page on

  4. Hi Rachael, Can I book a place please?

    many thanks


  5. Figured it out! see you next week!

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