Brighton Marathon and Half Marathon Training, 2012

Be part of the FitBitch Running Crew

Those who recently ran the Palma Half and 10k understand that having a race goal, training plan and of course, an expert FitBitch running coach, can transform your running fitness.

Most of importantly of all though, was the difference it makes training with a great bunch of women, all with a shared goal.

Things that might have seemed unachievable, from the day-to-day of getting out and running, to the end goal, are no longer an obstacle.

If you want to be part of our next training group, now is your chance.

The Big M. A.K.A The Brighton Marathon 2012. Sun Nov 6 – Weds Feb 15th
Kate Boys, who will be running her sixth marathon in 2012, will be leading this training which starts with a 2-3hour workshop on Sunday 6th November.
Full Package Price: £147 (this includes all 42 Weds and Sun runs, plus training plan)
Half Package Price: £73.50 (21 runs weds or sun but no training plan)
Training plan alone: £10

Brighton Half, Feb, 2012. Sun Nov 6th – Weds 15th Feb
Rachael Woolston & Melissa Scott will be leading this group.
Full Package price: £94.50 (includes 27 runs, plus training plan)
Half Package Price: £45.50 (includes 13 Weds or Sun runs but not training plan)
Training plan alone: £10

Both packages are a saving on the drop in rate but the packages can not be transferred to another person, or be banked for future use beyond the term of the training package.
It also includes in-house workshops, which constitute as those run by FitBitch coaches.

Those on a Living Social can buy a package and subtract the remainder of their deal from the price.

International package price dates will also be released soon.

Payment via paypal.


18 responses to “Brighton Marathon and Half Marathon Training, 2012

  1. I am in for the full package half marathon.!! Will pay next week thanks paola

  2. Cant believe I’m saying this, but count me in for the marathon training, have got a place for London though and not Brighton, but only a weeks difference I think ? will arrange payment.
    Thanks Karen R.

  3. Hi Rach! what does the training plan alone include? I am interested in it as unfortunately I will not be able to attend Wednesdays or Sundays. Are drop in sessions allowed for this training? Thank you! =) x

  4. Karen – yes the Marathon training plan works for the London Marathon too. See you on the 6th Nov.

  5. Hi Claudia. The training plan breaks down your workouts into all necessary principles of training to ensure you train safely, efficiently and injury free! It gives mileage increase, fartlek, hills and distances on pace training. Plus you know we’re always here to answer any questions or make individual adaptions if required.

    • Hi Kate! I will pay tomorrow for the training plan and hopefully can do some drop in sessions on some Sundays. I will put a comment here to confirm my payment.

      Thank you and good luck everyone with the training.


    • Hi Kate. I have just made the payment for the training program. It was through another email though, rojas81 . Let me know if all is ok.


  6. Hi Rachel I went on the website but can not find the drop down to pay you via paypal… Pls let me know. Paola

  7. Hi
    Yes please for Kate’s Marathon group -where do we meet on Sunday?

  8. Hi there, interested in the half-marathon group – what time and where on Sunday please?

  9. Hi What time are the Wed sessions for the half marathon please? Sam

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  11. Hi, I have paid for a month’s running club yesterday. Have signed up for my first half marathon, scared and excited and think it would be great to have some female running support to help get to the finish line:)..
    Now realise that perhaps I should have signed up for the package…will see you tomorrow and hopefully sort things out later? Thanks and looking forward to it, Sue

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