Win a month’s run subscription at White Night

Can you navigate the glow in the dark assault course?

We’ve been scheming over our bubbling cauldron of inventive ideas for FitBitch at White Night all week. Now, the time is nigh.
Are you ready to take the FitBitch White Night challenge?
Try our ‘glowing’ assault course as a solo competitor, as a family or pair and be in with the chance to win anything from a month’s running club subscription, to a free four week camp in December or January. Alternatively, try the unique FitBitch Adventure Twitter Race.
Start following @fbbootcamp on Twitter now and come to our Base Camp (in the MetroDeco tea and cake tent at the Alternative Village Fete on the Steine – no quinoa or agave syrup in sight) for your first clue.
Find the location of the first clue, tweet us back a picture of yourself there and we’ll send you the next clue.
Three clues, fastest finisher wins a four week camp.
We’ll be there from 6pm to 1am. Come and see why FitBitch has bewitched so many!
(The races are open to men, women and children including existing FitBitch clients. However, prizes can only be won by new members and women although if you do not fall into this category and do win, you can transfer your prize).
(And if any FitBitches can lend a hand for an hour, let us know).


One response to “Win a month’s run subscription at White Night

  1. I can probably lend you a hand – discuss at the run in the morning! Anna.

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