Core & Conditioning, Weds 2nd November

Stabilty though conditioning can fast track your performance

How do you get stronger and faster as a runner? It’s not just about the running.
This week’s training session will focus on conditioning for running.
This training is a vital part of running training because it builds a strong foundation upon which progress can be made.
Trainers, Rachael and Kate.
Where? Hove Lawns, in front of 4th Avenue
When: 7.30pm
Drop in: £5 (if you have signed up for a package or are part of the Living Social deal, bring £5 deposit for your wrist band).


7 responses to “Core & Conditioning, Weds 2nd November

  1. Great! See you then. Laura

  2. I’m coming with my £5! Lucy

  3. I will be there! Gen

  4. What sort of thing will we be doing in this session? Is conditioning the polite name for doing evil things with kettle bells? Anna

  5. should be there but battling the wonders of jet lag today so feeling amazingly rough…fingers crossed I’ll have snapped out of it by tonight!

  6. if you’ve got a mat please bring it today

  7. Sorry I missed the class… I work in Crawley, stuck in M23 for hours yesterday… Not good 😦

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