Brighton Half Marathon Training Session, Sun 6th Nov

Make your runs more enjoyable by training in a group

Are you ready? Welcome to our first weekend of training for the Brighton Half Marathon (Full marathon runners will be doing a workshop with Kate).

You can come along and drop in for any of our runs, whether you are training for a race, or you just want someone to run with, for £5.

If you want to join us in training for the half or full marathon, we offer package prices, including training runs and plans which will take you right up to race day. (Details here

This week there are two choices, both which start from Asda Car Park, Brighton Marina.

1. Beginners/returnees to Half Marathon Distance will run 5miles, with a hilly start which gives way to a delightful downhill stretch from Ovingdean back to a flat seafront return. It’s beautiful – and worth the hill.

2. Palma Half Marathon Runners – those who have just completed the Palma Half with us, can opt for a 7.5mile route, which will go further into the Downs and up to Rottingdean along the seafront before returning.

Please note that in order to see our database of routes, you now must be a friend of FitBitch Running Club on where all our many routes are logged.

Start time: 8.30am (we will leave then, so arrive a little earlier. You will need to pay for parking).
Where: Start Asda Car Park
Trainers: Rachael, Long distance
Sian, shorter distance


7 responses to “Brighton Half Marathon Training Session, Sun 6th Nov

    • Jeannie Hignell

      Thinking of dropping in to join you tomorrow – unless torrential when I bottle out! Not sure which run though as last did a Half Marathon 2 weeks ago but no runs since.

      Jeannie (just moved to Brighton from Gloucestershire)

  1. is this on saturday or sunday?

  2. Hi Rachel can not do this Sunday but will do next week. Thanks p

  3. I’m coming! Not sure which distance yet as my ham strings are still sore from the bridge on Wednesday! (but loved it otherwise!!) and I’m tapering for a half marathon next weekend. Lucy

  4. Planning on coming, but hips killing after backpack beach sprints!!

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