Full or Half Marathon Training run. Sunday 13th Nov.

Now into the second week of training (you may be starting this week, or fancy a run anyhow!) we are increasing our mileage gradually. Still plenty of time to build up and add some hills.This week we are keeping it flat. Yes, I hear you say.
Our run on Sunday will start from The View Restaurant in Hove, on the promenade. We will run West along to Shoreham Harbour and back again. A total of 5.3 miles.
This is covering some of The full Marathon route, the last stages and the mock wall. When you will be running the event in April after months of training, you can think back to a social Sunday run to reassure yourself and you won’t be one of the unfortunate runners hitting that wall!
For half marathon runners and those who are not training for a particular event, it’s a perfect distance and course to work on your pacing, chat and take in the sea air.
The option of taking out the Full or Half Marathon training plan is still available. We will guide you through your training and there is a whole plan for you to follow. Whether this suits you or you are a £5 drop in runner, you can buddy up with other female runners and share your training experience. It is for all abilities but please comment below to ensure enough Coaches or Ambassadors to suit all paces.

Meet at: The View Restaurant. Hove
Distance: 5.3 miles
Time and date: 8.30am, Sunday 13th November.
Lead runner: Kate 07702983744. Back up runner: Naomi


12 responses to “Full or Half Marathon Training run. Sunday 13th Nov.

  1. See you there! Paola

  2. I’ll be there, Jenny

  3. I’ll be there, Karen

  4. I’m in! If I was a little bit disappointed to see that we’re doing a flat run, does that mean I’ve finally been bitten by the training bug?

  5. I’ll be there. Laura

  6. I will be there too

  7. Sounds like you have Anna! It will be a perfect one to work on your pace. Plenty of hills planned over the next few months. A good mix of terrain and tempo for you all.

  8. I’d like to join as a drop as been thinking about joining you guys for a while and would like to check i can keep up first! that ok if i turn up Sunday? Liz

  9. I’ll be there

  10. i’ll be coming too, but where is View Restaurant?

  11. Xenia – The View Restaurant is on the promenade stretch in between KIng Alfred and hove Lagoon. It used to be Babylon Lounge. You can see it clearly from the road.

    Anyone who is new are more than welcome. We have a lead and a back up runner so no one gets left behind. All you need to do is fill out a brief health form. I will be there from 8.15 to allow plenty of time.
    Look forward to seeing you all. Kate

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