Wednesday 16th November. Pace Training.

learn to run

Whatever your goal is, every runner from beginners to advanced benefit from pace training. We will be doing 4 or 5 repetitions of 1 kilometre with a short recovery in between each run. The purpose of pace training is to improve your speed and running economy which is ideal for anyone currently training for a race of any distance (including Sundays Brooks 10k). For anyone who is fairly new to running then breaking up a 4k distance by having recovery rests is a good way to increase your stamina. Oh and lets not forget that it’s a great calorie burner!
It does not matter what your current running pace is, the session is suitable for all. We understand all runners have different paces and we train you to improve speed and technique.

Location: Hove Lawns opposite Fourth Avenue.
Trainer: Kate 07702983744
Drop in fee £5
Time 7:30 – 8:30 pm

12 responses to “Wednesday 16th November. Pace Training.

  1. had a month off so back in with a corker! See you Wednesday!

  2. I will be there! See you, Gen.

  3. See you there Paola

  4. I’m coming! Lucy

  5. Kate: am I right in thinking it’s at 7.30? x

  6. Count me in!


  7. laura mckinnon-clark

    I hope to be there this week
    laura Mckinnon-clark

  8. Yes, I’ll be there

  9. Me too, see you later! Anna

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