Start your Sunday with a run along the seafront. 20th November.

Sundays training run we are keeping it (fairly) flat again. Covering another section of the Brighton Full and Half Marathon route along the seafront.
Starting at Brighton Marina we will be running to Saltdean and back. The distance is 6.15 miles and paces will vary. If you ran last Sunday then the aim is to stay at the same pace but with a slight increase in the distance.
It is part of our Half and Full Marathon training plan but the run is open to all women runners regardless of any specific event planned. If you enjoy running then come along and if you don’t then come along and be pleasantly surprised!
Please leave a comment if you are joining us. There will be a lead and a back up runner.

Meet: Brighton Marina undercliffs, by Asda car park (parking in the multi-storey is free)
Time: 8.30 am
Lead runner: Kate
Back up runner: Sian
£5 for drop in runners.


9 responses to “Start your Sunday with a run along the seafront. 20th November.

  1. I’ll see you there, Karen

  2. I’ll be there

  3. I’ll be there!


  4. Jeannie Hignell

    All being well I’ll be there too.


  5. I’d like to come along again, if the poor back runner doesn’t mind hanging out with me. I’m painfully slow! What do you think? X

  6. I can get there but will need a lift home – can anybody help out please? I live Dyke Road / Tivoli / Drove area.


  7. I will be there!

  8. Jeannie Hignell

    Unfortunately I can’t now make it for the run today. Next time hopefully.



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