Wednesday 23rd November. Time trial, core work and foam rolling.

You gotta roll with it, you got to take your time...then you can run forever!

This Wednesday we are going to focus on intensity and quality rather than quantity.  After a warm up we will  be putting the heat back into the winter by running our fastest possible mile. It is not a race against anybody else, just yourself. If you have taken part in our time trial before then the aim is to see  if your mile pace has increased. If this is your first time trial session then your mile time will be your benchmark.

Time trials are critical for muscle performance and a good way to plot  any strengths and weakness. Unlike pace training, time trials are an all out effort from start to finish. But as with pace work, there is no set running pace therefore suiting all abilities. It’s you against the clock (even if you need to run/jog/walk during the mile).

The second part of the session will be less intense on the aerobic system but challenging on the core to help strengthen and stabilise muscles used during running. It is important to also move the body in a lateral direction to prevent injury from the consistent forward movement. So be prepared to do some exercises you may not have done before. We will then end the session with some foam rolling and stretching. So it is important you bring your foam roller if you have one. If you do not then there is a Grid roller for you to try and you will realise the benefits straight away. Layer up your clothing so you stay warm.

Where: Bottom of Hove Street, next to King Alfred car par.

Time: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Trainer: Kate 07702983744

Drop in fee: £5


4 responses to “Wednesday 23rd November. Time trial, core work and foam rolling.

  1. I’m coming! I don’t have a roller yet but fancy having a go at the grid roller! Lucy

  2. I’m coming too. Waiting for my foam roller to arrive today! Anna

  3. me as well – will go get a roller tomorrow, my calves are agony! help!

  4. Jeannie Hignell

    Very disappointed that I can’t make it on Wednesday – but hoping you run another session like this soon?


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