How to prepare for a race, & Mince Pie 10mile arrangements

Run the mince pie, eat a mince pie


There are less than two days to go before the 10mile Mince Pie off-road run in Peacehaven.

For some of us, this will be our first race outside of but don’t worry. You have trained well and while running this course  will be hard, it should pose no problem for any of you.

Of course, some pre-race nerves are to be expected but EVERYONE gets them from the experienced to the first timer. As long as they don’t threaten to overwhelm you, they are positive and will help to get your adrenalin pumping.

Ensuring you are well organised and prepared before the run though will help ensure your jitters remain just this, not earth shattering tremors.

Ensure you are well hydrated

This means ensuring you drink 1-2.5 litres of water per day in the week before a race. It does not mean waking up on the morning of the race and gulping in 3litres to make up for the short fall.

Sleep well

Your body repairs and recovers while you are sleeping. Don’t stay up late and undermine your training.

Stick with what you know

Don’t wear anything new on a race. You want to feel as comfortable and as confident as you can. Any new top or shoes that rub, or even makes an annoying noise, can affect your run.

Get gear ready

Ensure your kit is laid out and ready to go the night before the race. This means pinning your race number on your shirt (and wearing it to check its in the right place!), and making sure your timing device (if used) is affixed to your trainers.

Eat smart

Your pre-race evening meal should be a good mix of protein and slow release carbohydrates, such as salmon with sweet potatoes, or a chicken casserole. Whatever you eat, make sure you are used to it.

Running juice

Likewise, on the morning of the race, eat at least 90mins before your run. Your muscles hold enough energy for 90-120mins, but psychologically if you feel better for having something with you on the run, take it.

Make sure it’s easy to digest and quick energy release  – jelly babies or jelly beans are a great choice.

Drinks on the route

Most races have drinks stations but if you are NOT used to running while drinking, stop and drink at the stations (make sure you don’t get in anyone’s way!). If you take water on your runs, best to use a waist belt or hydration pack. Running long distances holding a bottle can affect your posture, and running biomechanics.

Post race

Bring a plastic bag for muddy trainers and a change of clothes. You lose body heat rapidly after a race and the best thing you can do is get out of your sweaty top into something dry.

Arrangements for meeting: Meet at the Desk for picking up numbers at 10am. This will give us the chance to get our numbers, go to the toilet and warm up.

Problems? Phone Rachael 07855 742195



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