18th December run – last one before xmas

The details of the route have already been posted but we are also putting on a 6.8mile shorter run for those who have fallen behind a bit in their training. BUT PLEASE COMMENT if you are coming.

We will be putting on another running coach for this group and there has to be enough of you to make this economically feasible.

Comment here or on the original post if you are going long or short.


11 responses to “18th December run – last one before xmas

  1. I will come next Sunday for 10 mile run, even though still aching from yesterday! Sue ps also coming to Xmas do on 22md

  2. Hi Rachael, I’m interested in 6.8miles. I’ve not done run enough lately to do the longer one. Paula

  3. Would like to come on Sunday (would have to be shorter route!), however, depends on my heel which I am hopefully getting checked out this week.

  4. Hi, am going long. Tor

  5. I’m coming for the shorter route. I ran 7 miles on Saturday, but it was flat (!)

  6. I’d like to come for the shorter run as still a relatively new runner, but did 10k on the flat last Sunday!

  7. I’m going for the long one.

  8. Charlotte Softly

    Hi, I’d like to drop in for the longer run on sunday if thats still ok? Thanks!

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