Yoga for Runners & Sport: Rest & Recovery

Yoga for Runners & Sport

Don’t forget our four day, morning yoga camp starts December 19th – December 22nd, 6am or 7am.

This classes are aimed at those who exercise regularly, and would be particularly beneficial to runners. You can do all four sessions, or drop in per session bookable in advance.

Why is yoga important to a runner, you might ask? Because it improves your flexibility which is as vital to anyone who exercises or runs as cardio fitness and strenth.

This camp will help your body repair and recover from training and leave you with knowledge of the stretches you must do avoid injury and improve your body’s natural movement patterns.

And, it will be the perfect way of de-stressing before the festive break!

It will be taught by FitBitch founder, Rachael, a qualified yoga teacher, adventure racer and half marathon runner.

Drop in sessions, £15, four days, £56 or £45 each if booked with one other person. Book at

Location: Natural Bodies, Bond Street, Brighton.


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