First training session for 2012 – Wednesday 4th January. Hills!

You'll still be smiling at the top.

Happy New Year to you all.  Let’s start 2012 in style with some hill repetitions. Don’t be put off by the thought of running up hill. It has huge benefits to every runner if incorporated regularly into your training plan. It’s not just a burden to be endured when you realise that you are becoming a stronger and faster runner.

Both the cardiovascular system and the muscle strength improve from hill training, helping to curb any injury that runners may sustain. For those who are training for a Half or Full Marathon then this form of training is a must. You will increase running economy allowing you to run longer without feeling fatigued.  When you stride past the ones struggling to the finish line, you’ll also have  a very toned bottom. How good will you look!

Us FitBitch Trainers know the perfect hill to suit all abilities. If you’re new to hill training then we can focus on technique to start with. If you’re old hat at it then it will be time to increase the quantity and quality. Come along and start the year with some zest.

Where: Bottom of Dukes Mound, Madeira Drive (near  Peter Pan playground)

When: Wednesday 4th Jan @ 7:30pm

Trainer: Kate. 07702983744

Drop in fee: £5

Please comment if you are joining us.


12 responses to “First training session for 2012 – Wednesday 4th January. Hills!

  1. Happy new year, FitBitches! Hooray to hills. I’ll be there. Anna

  2. Elspeth Hayde

    I’ll be there Kate. Happy new year.

  3. Happy new year!! Should be there if I get home from work on time – 90% sure I will innes x

  4. Karen Russell

    Happy new Year ! See you there, karen x

  5. Hi Kate – I’ll be there!

  6. I’m coming!!1

  7. Happy New Year! I’ll be coming on Wednesdsy, Sue

  8. Jeannie Hignell

    HNY to all. Love the snowy backdrop to this – inspired!
    I’ll be on my way back from Cornwall during the day – if I get back in time I’d like to come. Hope it’s ok if I leave it a bit vague dependent on traffic?

  9. Hi Kate

    I attended the Rise Marathon workshop and definitely need some hill work! I’ll be there.

  10. I’m in – see you later!

  11. Elspeth Hayde

    Hi Kate, can’t make it tonight now. Will come on Sunday. Thanks

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