Marathon Rescue Package, starts Jan 5th 2012

So, you’ve waited until January to start your training for the Brighton marathon and you are now panicking?

Or perhaps you’ve been  injured and are  are trying  to get back on track and are worried about how far you have fallen behind on your training.

Well, there is no need to worry  because our marathon rescue package  will get you back on track. It includes a 30min free telephone consultation with our dedicated marathon coach, Kate Boys (who has run numerous marathons including New York and Brighton) a training plan, and twice weekly training sessions (Wednesday at 7.30pm and Sunday, 8.30am).

You should be able to run 10k comfortably but if you don’t fit this criteria, we can offer you personalised training sessions (open to men and women) to get you back on top of things.

The marathon training package costs £110 for both training sessions, or £55 if only doing one session per week. To book email or for further details, call Kate on 07702 983744.


3 responses to “Marathon Rescue Package, starts Jan 5th 2012

  1. Hi Kate, happy new year

    This sounds like it could be for me, as I’ve just had four weeks off with a sore knee/IT band – gutted! – and have a place in the marathon to train for! I think a one to one chat and training plan would give me a lot of peace of mind, and I love coming to fitbitch Wednesdays too. Had some rest and treatment and now doing some recovery runs…. however I think starting with a hill session tomorrow isn’t the best idea for me/my itb so soon, and 7 miles Sunday is too far whilst I’m still building up slowing/testing the water. Hope to see you next Wednesday and see how things are going.
    Cheers Lucy 🙂

    • Hi Lucy. Happy New Year to you too.

      We now have a 5 mile option for Sundays run that may be ok for you to ease back into it. It’s a straight there and back seafront route, so if there is a problem then you can turn back.
      Feel free to call me on 07702983744 at any time to discuss a training plan or for any advice.
      Hope to see you soon and take care.

  2. Hey Kate, Thanks for the advice…. I’m in please!!! Starting on Sunday with the 5 miler (or I can turn around earlier alone if its only the 7m option no worries) if that’s okay? I’ve sent an email to ‘info’ to book – can bring cash on Sunday if that helps you/ or can bank transfer, as you wish. Will just do the one session a week for now I think.
    See you Sunday – lets hope it doesn’t rain 🙂

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