Sunday 8th January. Half and Full Marathon training (or a 5 mile option possible)

Countdown to the big day!

With the Festive season behind us, we are definitely in our Marathon training season. For some of us it may be a case of training about to commence, for others, it’s time to up the intensity. It was vital not to exhaust ourselves before Christmas, but to have  established a good fitness level.

Sundays session is bringing the mileage down from last years last long run.The key emphasis is to combine distance and speed. For those full or half marathon training it is a tempo run, consisting  of 2 miles easy, 3 miles at race pace then 2 miles slightly faster to improve the lactate threshold and condition the body without overtraining.

For anyone who is about to embark on your programme, or not training for a particular event, then this is a perfect start to Sundays training sessions. The distance and terrain will allow you to keep to a steady pace before you start to combine different methods of training.

There will be a 5 mile option if enough people are interested. Please leave a comment so we can provide enough trainers.


Meet: The Peace Statue. Kingsway.

Time: 8:30 am

Trainer: Kate. 07702983744

Back up runner: Naomi

Drop in fee: £5

Please comment if you are joining us and whether you are varying your pace or running steady.


17 responses to “Sunday 8th January. Half and Full Marathon training (or a 5 mile option possible)

  1. Definitely coming!

  2. I’ll be there, looking forward to it!!

  3. coming and running pace…albeit with a heavy mince pie red wine handicap

  4. I will be there also very mince pie tummy laden!!

  5. I’ll love to come for the 5 mile steady pace option if there are enough people for that!

  6. hopefully going for a short jog tonight to test my foot out! Will let you know if I am coming on Sunday and what distance once I see if it holds out and what kind of pain I am in!

  7. Hi! Happy New Year! I’ll be along for the 5 miles, if my knee behaves!

  8. coming x

  9. Hi – I’ll be there for the 7 miles

  10. Elspeth Hayde

    I’ll do the 7 miles and compare mince pie bellies with others.

  11. I’ll be there – for the 7 but not sure about the words ‘race pace’ and ‘slightly faster’…..! Sue

  12. I’ll be there too! For the 7 mile option. Anna

  13. I’m now coming please!!
    I’ll probably have to do the 5 miler…..
    See you Sunday 🙂

  14. Sadly have to bow out as have to make visit to family in North. Will miss you all and hope to see you next Sunday. tor

  15. Karen Napleton

    Happy New Year! I can’t make this Sunday or next but hope to join you all on 22nd x

  16. Hi
    I will be there for the 7 miles but not too sure about pacing… had the christmas cold so have not been out for a while!

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