Wednesday 11th Jan. Make your running more efficient with speed training.

Even if you are not training for a half or full marathon, speed work has it’s purpose in a runners training plan. Or your ultimate goal may not be to win a Gold in a 2012 Olympic race but speed work will still enhance your running, by increasing your tolerance of lactic acid build up, improving your ability to deliver oxygen to the muscles and making you move more efficiently. A perfect way for every individual to progress their fitness level.

This session is once again suitable for all. We will be covering up to 6 miles (less if you are new to running or have been injured). The route is a mile loop, which is repeated, with the faster pace run on a timed interval, followed by a recovery jog. For the advanced runner, you will be encouraged  to work to a high intensity to maximise performance.


Where: Bottom of Hove Street, to the right of King Alfreds if facing the sea.

Trainer: Kate. 07702983744

Drop in: £5

Please leave a comment if you are attending.


18 responses to “Wednesday 11th Jan. Make your running more efficient with speed training.

  1. I will be there, but I’m feeling the pain already! Sue

  2. speed work is vital to improvement

  3. Will be there!

  4. I’ll be there.

  5. Me too! Anna.

  6. Hi
    I’ll be there
    thanks Jenny

  7. Hello, I’m new… but would like to give Wednesday a go if that’s ok?
    Thanks Jasmin

    • Hi Julie and Jasmin. Great to hear that you both want to join us. If possible can you email me at with a little bit of background on your current fitness level and where you are with your training. This way I can ensure you get maximum benefits from our sessions. Or feel free to phone me on 07702983744.
      If I don’t hear from you before Wednesday, then we can have a brief chat prior to the session.
      Looking forward to meeting you both and any one else who wants to join us!

  8. Hi there, Someone recommended you to me help me get in shape for the half marathon in feb so i,m really happy to try running with FB,s

  9. Speed work. First wk back. I’m scared already, but I’ll be there. Laura C

  10. Will be there

  11. Lauren Wheatley

    Definitely attending! I am new too and will be calling Kate at some point today!

    Lauren Wheatlley


  12. Ok, so last week didn’t happen and realised only 6 weeks till Brighton half! So I need to come tomorrow to test out the foot! Although not my favourite session.

  13. I’ll see you guys there ! Karen

  14. I’m in!

  15. I’m coming along please 🙂

  16. I should be there!! Tor

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