Yoga for Runners, starts Mon 23rd Jan

Feel stiff from running? Recovering from an injury, or eager to avoid one? Then join a once a  week yoga session aimed specifically at those who run.

Regular yoga sessions will help lengthen muscles that become shortened and tight due to sport and running. It improves range of movement to prevent injury and improve performance.

You can pay for a package up to the Brighton Half or Full Marathon, or pay a drop in fee.  But please be aware that spaces are strictly limited to ensure personalised attention and focus.

This type of yoga is for all types of people, including those who have never stepped foot into a yoga studio before. For more details about pricing and booking visit


3 responses to “Yoga for Runners, starts Mon 23rd Jan

  1. Hi There, I think there was some yoga included in my living social membership, but not sure if it was the bootcamp, does anybody know?

  2. Rachael
    Hi-I would like to sign up for a package could you email me the correct bank details

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