Endurance boost with gradual progression. Sunday 22nd January.

From the Sea to the Windmill then back. The tents not for stopping in.

Who said training for a half or even a full marathon needs to be a gruelling slog! Our Sunday training sessions are a great way to increase your mileage (we vary between road and off-road routes) with gradual adaptation. It’s not just a run for those in training. Endurance running is beneficial to all, with improvements to Cardio respiratory fitness and beat any winter doldrums by experiencing the runners high.

Our route this week takes us mainly along the seafront with a slight off-road incline to Rottingdean windmill, before heading back to our starting point. The option of a longer route which includes the hill is only recommended for those who have already completed a 10 mile run. Once we have returned to our starting point the distance is just over 10 miles, so for anyone who needs or wants to run up to 12 miles, the route continuous further west before turning back to the start.  The other option keeps you on the flat route still covering 10 miles. Please let us know what ability you are at and your planned distance.

If there are any runners who want to join us but do a shorter route, please comment. But we need confirmation you are attending, so we provide enough Running Coaches.

Please be at our meeting point at 8:30 am prompt as there will be a briefing on the route and running paces.

Where: Hove Lawns – opposite the bottom of 3rd and 4th Avenue.


Trainers: Kate 07702983744. Back up: Melissa.

Drop in £5


18 responses to “Endurance boost with gradual progression. Sunday 22nd January.

  1. I’m in. I’ll go up to 12. x

  2. Me to; going for 12 xt

  3. 12 for me please

  4. I’ll be there although not sure about 10 or 12 miles? Last week was my longest run in a while ? Where can I see route ?

  5. Has to be 12 for me

  6. I’ll do 10miles please! x

  7. Jeannie Hignell

    I’m interested in a shorter run – what distance might that be? I’m up to about 7-8 miles currently.

  8. I going to try 12 miles. I ran 10.5 last week, so I’m hopeful!

  9. Not up to 10 miles yet, will try for 7. Think I will start with you then just turnaround

  10. I’m going to try and come – don’t wait for me if I’m not there 0830. I’m up for the 12 miler (eek)! Anna

  11. Karen Napleton

    I’m ready to run. 10 miles please

  12. Hi there,
    would be keen to do the 10 mile route if poss

  13. Will be there- not sure yet though either the 10 or 12

  14. 10 mile flat for me!

  15. I will be there, I know where to come this week :), my training plan says 7 miles, so I will do at least that, I may go a bit further, will see how it goes, looking forward to it!

  16. 10 is good for me, either route, sue

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