5, 10 or 13mile training run, Sunday 29th Jan

Whether you have just started running with us, or you’re part of the group training for the Brighton Half Marathon or the Full whammy, this Sunday’s run will work for you.

It is a hilly one but also very scenic, so while it will challenge your body and help to build your endurance and muscle recruitment, at least you’ll have nice things to look at!

For those going the longer route, it will lead up to Ditchling Beacon and beyond, taking us through woodland, farms and across the top of the Downs.

We will ONLY be putting the 5mile run on if there are enough people who would like to do this distance. This route will be much gentler, leading up and through the beautiful Stanmer Park.

Going long? Ensure that you are prepared nutritionally. This means having water with you and eating something BEFORE your run. If you can’t face porridge 90mins before, then a banana or piece of toast with banana would be ideal.

We now have A LOT of runners on our training runs, so please bring your mobile phones with you when you run so that we can get hold of you should anything go amiss.


Want to see the route? You must sign up to the free Map my run and befriend FitBitch Running Club to see our routes. These are only available to subscription members and those on subscription (it will be available to view by Sat morning).

Start location: Stanmer Park car park, to the right of the entrance as you drive in
Time: 8.30am
Running Coaches: Rachael, Kate and Melissa
Drop in: £5
Enquiries: 07855 742195


13 responses to “5, 10 or 13mile training run, Sunday 29th Jan

  1. I will be coming and doing 10 miles (hopefully!). Guessing it will be muddy so might get to try out my new trail trainers.

  2. I’m coming with Karen- I imagine we’ll both do 13 miles.

  3. long please – feel very behind in my prep for the 19th!

  4. Karen Napleton

    Looking forward to it. I’m chanting the ‘I have to be sensible’ mantra soo I may stick to 10 miles if it’s hilly and muddy

  5. I would like to do the longer run please but Rachael is there any chance of a lift?
    Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi – I’ll be there – think 10 miles is enough for me!

  7. I’m going to go for the 13 miles

  8. I’d like to do the 13 please, but not sure if this is too great an increase (I also have ‘must be sensible mantra’ after being injured!)? I was planning on doing about 12, have done 10 last two weekends with small bit in the week. Otherwise I’ll do the 10 and add a bit more myself.
    Also pretty please Rachael can I have a size small tee shirt to show off, I didn’t get to finish my living social deal……
    Thanks, Lucy

  9. Hi will be there- would like to join 10 mile run please! 🙂

  10. I’m up for the 10 miles, but have been running slow this week with left calf strain, Sue

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