FitBitch Run Club hits Berlin, May 2012

FitBitches conquer Palma, Oct 2011


If you saw our photos of the FitBitch run club in Palma last year, (or Lisbon or Paris!) and wished you’d been along, now is your chance.

Our next international race will be the Berlin 25k,. It is NOT as previously stated a half marathon, but a tad over this distance at 15.53miles.

It is the perfect distance for those looking for their next challenge but who don’t want to run a marathon. And it would fit perfectly for those who will have just finished their Brighton Half training.

That said, we will be training beginners (you must be able to run 10k comfortably) too, so if you want to be part of a group of women all working towards the same goal (er, a weekend in Berlin with spas, great coffee shops and cocktail bars…what’s not to like about that?!) now is your chance.

There are various package price options that you can choose, as outlined below. We are adding a nominal administration fee this year. This is not us making a profit but just to cover the work/man hours it costs to us to organise these weekends.

BUT what you pay us is made up for in the savings you make in terms of the block booking discounts we negotiate on hotel bookings and race entry (we are currently waiting for them to come back to us on the 35 euro registration cost).

The package options (payable direct to the FB bank account REF Berlin, available on request).

Beginners/returnees 12 week Plan, starts week commencing February 13th, 2012

Full Option, £112
which includes 23 training sessions (Weds and Sun at £4 per session), and £20 admin fee. Free training plan.

Half Option, £74
, which includes 12 sessions (Weds OR Sun at £4.50 per session), and £20 admin fee. Free training plan.

Brighton Half Marathon runners 10 week Plan, starts week commencing February 27th, 2012

If you are training for the Brighton Half, you don’t want to start your training from scratch but perhaps you want to improve on your time, or get stronger so you do even better at Berlin?
This plan will take this into account and many of our Weds training sessions will be geared towards strength and conditioning and pace work. Sunday training runs will continue at a good mileage rather than dropping back down.

Full Option, £96, which includes 19 sessions (Weds and Sun at £4 per session) and £20 admin fee. Free training plan.

Half Option, £65, which includes 10 sessions (Weds OR Sun at £4.50 per session) and £20 admin fee. Free training plan.

Can’t commit to any of these options but still want to be part of the group? Try our No Plan option, £35 which will cover the admin fee. As we say, you will make this back in the costs you save by being part of the group. Drop in runs are £5.

Other costs
Obviously, flights, hotel and food costs are additional. That said, we will organise Friday and Sunday evening meals as well as the hotel booking itself (based on two sharing) to save you money. As a guide, costs per person per room in Palma were £45, including breakfast and a rather fab hot tub (although, expectations are that room rates should be cheaper than this).

We are negotiating currently with,,, and
Flight details: Book your flight soon if you are definitely coming.

Everyone will have different times they want to travel out and return but the main group will be going from Friday 4th May and returning on Tuesday 8th May.

Either £118 departing 6.40am on Friday, returning Tuesday 18.30pm (I’m doing this)

OR if you’re not an early bird, £140.68, leaving at 13.15pm on Friday

There are VERY FEW seats left at these prices so book TODAY! If you snooze, you’ll end up paying more. Flights to Berlin Schonefied.

Please comment below (NO EMAIL) which flight you are getting and which option plan you would like to go for if any.


15 responses to “FitBitch Run Club hits Berlin, May 2012

  1. Karen Napleton

    OK I’ve thrown caution to the wind and booked pronto. I’m on the main group flights but just to let everyone know I just missed out on £118 deal and paid £10 extra so book ASAP, as R said seats are selling fast.
    Berlin here we come.
    I’m mulling over option plans, will get back to you x

  2. Belinda & I are booked on the Friday early morning flight- returning Tuesday early evening! Yippee!

  3. Karen Napleton

    Mulled over, no time like the present. Half Plan Option. Done.

  4. I want to consult with physio about this so realise I’ll pay a bit more for flights. Assuming all ok I’ll be on half option please (Sundays). Will let you know ASAP. Also, leg will probably not be ready to come along to first couple of weeks training, but going to assume that will be ok.

  5. Have booked, v exciting. Will travel out early on fri morning but will go back super early on Monday morning. Rachel, as I’ve got annual membership I’ll transfer the £35 admin fee. Will I get a training plan?

  6. As usual, I’ll probably do it my own way as I might be seeing family in Poland at the end of May!

  7. please note there is a half marathon option race too for anyone who wants it

  8. Would have loved to come with you all again, but too early in the year for me. Looks like a great race and a great distance. Good luck to everyone and hope to see you in 2013!

  9. Hello! I have not joined the running club yet but am considering doing this. I have a few questions, though.
    Was the 45 pound estimate per person per room per night?
    If I can currently run about 8-10 miles, should I join the 12 week plan or the 10 week plan?
    Will you be booking the race for us, or will that be an additional cost for us to do on our own?

    Thanks for your help :). I hope I can come!

    • HI Kayla
      Yes, the room per night per person was an estimate based on previous trips. This would include breakfast.

      Are you running the Brighton Half Marathon? If you are currently training for this then I would suggest you jon the 10 week plan so you don’t confuse your training. If you are NOT training for this then building up from a 12 week plan (don’t worry there will be long sunday run to do that won’t involve you dropping down below your usual mileage).

      The race entry (and make sure you decide whether you want to do the half marathon or go over this distance for the 25k) is being sorted at the moment to see if we can get a group discount. Obviously, you will have to pay this entry, whether it is through our club or direct to the organisers BUT wait utnil we have neog with the organisers with regards to entry so we can let you know arrangements.

  10. I’m in! Flying out Friday evening and home Monday evening. Can’t wait! And hoping it’ll be a bit warmer by then :o)

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