Hurry! Don’t miss our courses starting this week

You’re feeling nervous about not being fit enough to run with everyone? What if you get left behind? What if you’re the slowest?

Don’t worry, almost all of our runners have probably thought this before they joined us. And they are all still with us, and now running half marathons and more

Whatever your level, our run club is for you. We’ll provide expert coaching, friendly faces and lots and lots of support. Don’t delay.

Run off the festive excess, get fit and feel fab right the way through the dreary first few months of the year with our brand new courses for beginners and intermediates.

Total Beginner? Join our new 0-5k ‘Have your cake and eat it club’ from Lark on Lowther, starting Friday 9.30am at 11th January

Beginner-Int after a challenge? Train for the Birling 10k on March 23rd – our longest run starts at just 2miles. Starts Weds Jan 2nd

Beginner-Int to 10k or 10miles? Train for the hilly BlueBell run. Starts Jan 30th

For more information read our Dream Season newsletter here

Want to go ahead and book? Click here


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