Strength & Conditoning Training, Wed 1st Feb

Conditioning for runners session

This week we are focusing on strength and conditioning, a part that many runners neglect in their training but which is as vital as the running itself (and the flexibility work…ahem!)

We don’t want you to miss out on your pace work though so we will start with a few fast 1k pace runs, building on from our focus at last week’s training.

Please arrive on time – you are late you will have to wait for us at the lifeguards hut where we will be returning (fairly rapidly!).

This session will involve running, kettlebells, biomechanics exercises and more. Wrap up WARM! Layers can be shed for the running session but you will need layers and gloves for the second half (my car will be parked there for things to be left in).

Coach: Rachael
Drop in: £5
Location: Hove Lawns,near Hove Street South and King Alfred Centre. Meet lifeguard hut, same place as last week.
Parking: King Alfred Centre
Time: 7.30pm


5 responses to “Strength & Conditoning Training, Wed 1st Feb

  1. will be there – innes

  2. I’m coming Sue

  3. I’m coming, sounds like a good workout! Lucy

  4. Hi Rachel

    I’m afraid I won’t be able to make tonight as not feeling too well.


  5. Will see you there. Karen

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