Yoga for Runners Immersion Week, starts Mon 6th Feb

You won't be required to do this...but the immersion week could help free your body from ache and pains


Calves feeling tight? Thigh muscles like fast setting concrete, and neck ache from poking your head forward with the effort of running that long in cold weather while wearing a hydration pack? (the less said about your running posture the better…er, but that’s what our running school is for!) . And that’s not to mention the lower back ache.

If this sounds like you after a long Sunday training run, then Yoga for Runners & Sport is perfect for you.

Join their Monday evening 6pm class or this week’s upcoming special three session immersion week. The perfect complement to your running training, helping to nourish your joints and muscles to allow them to recover.

way of allowing your body to repair and reap the rewards of your training with this week’s special three session immersion camp.

Yoga for Runners & Sport are the only company in the UK offering these running and sport specific yoga classes in an immersion format.

Why do you need it? So you don’t feel like an old person after a long run. In fact, it could even help you regain your gazelle like running of years gone by.

This is for complete beginners to yoga or those who are seasoned pros. The aim of this type of yoga is to stay in the kind of postures that work specifically on areas which become tight in runners.

Drop in for the 6am sessions for £13, or commit to the three sessions. Monday, 6th, Tues, 7th and Thursday 9th February.

Where? Natural Bodies, Bond Stree



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