Hill acceleration. Wednesday 8th February.

Winter and a hill but still smiling!

Conquering any gradient during a run is quite an exhausting challenge, but  a rewarding one and definitely has great physiological benefits. Obviously one, being that you will run up hills better with some hill training. But there are lots of  benefits, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a pointless training method because you haven’t got a Ben Nevis race on your to-do list.

Training sessions that vary are important for any runner. Your body adapts to the same schedule and the benefits to your muscles and cardiovascular system come to a halt if they get use to the same workout. Intensity is important. However the each individuals levels of intensity are just as important. Hill running for a conditioned runner will be slightly different to someone starting out.

For those who have taken part in our renowned hill sessions then once again you will be encouraged to up the intensity and run at 5k pace or faster on hill sprints. If you are new to this training, or possibly back from an injury then we will focus on technique and combine lower body strengthening at the foot of the hill.

Please leave a comment if you are joining us, or if you have any questions regarding our training sessions.



Time: 7:30pm

Trainer: KATE 07702983744

£5 drop in


4 responses to “Hill acceleration. Wednesday 8th February.

  1. Will I want to do this after tomorrow mornings Preston Park velodrome session???

  2. I’ll be there. New to hill running unless you count the last Dukes Mound experience!

  3. I’m coming, Lucy

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