Half and Marathon Training, Sunday 12th Feb


Running, opens up your world

We’re just one week away from the Brighton Half Marathon, and this is a time for our half marathon runners to start to taper. This week our Sunday run will be a flat 5.5mile run.

If you have an idea of your pace, then you should aim to run it. If not, just aim to run a bit faster than normal but don’t play around with your running speed on actual race day if you are not used to how your body should feel at a certain pace.

But for those who attended our Runner’s Mind workshop on Wednesday, try to put into practise some of the techniques that we learned.

For those training for the marathon,  Brighton or London marathon, we are going for an off-road 12 mile route.

It is a beautiful run, and if you have never joined us before and are struggling with a lack of enthusiasm for your marathon training, then this will get it back again.


Half Marathon 5 mile route

Meet: Marroccos cafe

Trainer: Melissa

Marathon 12 mile route

Meet: Asda car park (free), Marina

Trainer: Rachael and Kate

Drop in rate: £5



20 responses to “Half and Marathon Training, Sunday 12th Feb

  1. 12 miles please and rachael the usual plea of a lift?if that is ok, is always really appreciated 🙂

  2. Hi, I’ll be doing the 5 miles please. Tor

  3. Not sure which one to do as doing half & full marathon, what do you recommend I do?

  4. I’ll be doing the 5 mile run please.

  5. I will do the 5 mile, thanks

  6. HI – I’m hoping to be there for the 5 mile. thanks Jenny

  7. Will be doing the longer run, & was aiming for 14 miles. Missed my 6 mile run yesterday, should I do some today or leave it? Sue

  8. I hope to be there for the shorter run.

    I can’t get the Marroccos cafe link to work – where is it please?

  9. Please do the long run Karen !

  10. I would like to come along for the 5 miles if possible. Will be going very slowly with my icky leg though 🙂

  11. Sue, I am going for the lone one!!!! See you there x

  12. I’ll be there for the long run, be prepared for snow on the hills with less mud than last week hopefully. Karen x

  13. I can’t make tomorrow I’m afraid. I’ll see you all on the starting line next Sunday 🙂 x

  14. Will be there for the short run

  15. I think I will play safe and do the 5 mile run… The link to e cafe didn’t work for me though. Hopefully see you tomorrow! Sue

  16. Please put me down for the long run. See you tomorrow morning. I hope it doesn`t snow in the Heath tonight!!

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