FitBitches at the Brighton Half Marathon – are you ready to join?

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Congratulations to all our the incredible FitBitches who ran this weekend’s Brighton Half Marathon. If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘Ooh, yes but they’re proper runners. I couldn’t do that.’

They are all runners, but around half of they started from not being able to run 5k. And they have got to where they are now, not through blood and tears but with laughter and new-found friends.

If you want to train with us and transform your running or experience of running, now is the time to join us. We’re training for 10ks, (BlueBell Run, April 29th), Half Marathon, 25ks and Brighton Full Marathon.

Drop in for training either Wednesday or Sunday, or pay for a package of runs and a training plan. We are a women’s running group but we focus on the individual.

And special mention must be given to Elsbeth Hayde for her genius cut off tights to keep her arms warm. And the attention to detail from Belinda Muir. The new wait listed Chanel nail varnish to match her sunglasses (she said it wasn’t deliberate. Yeah, yeah).


5 responses to “FitBitches at the Brighton Half Marathon – are you ready to join?

  1. Definitely up for the 10k in April. C u on Sunday’s after my injury get sorted by studio 57!

  2. So jealous

  3. It was great – thanks to Kate and Rachael for all your encouragement in the last few weeks!
    Interested in doing the Bluebell run

  4. What a buzz; loved it and totally second the thanks to our fabulous coaches! Bluebell run sounds lovely!

  5. Thanks to Rachael, Kate & Melissa. The training really helped. The Bluebell run sounds good, should be able to move by then!

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