Building distance: Training Saturday 25th Feb, 8.30am

See your running take off with our training

Beginners, returners to runners, last week’s Half Marathon runners and our ongoing Brighton Marathon Running Group, this run is for all of you.

To ensure enough coaches for all the different levels we have again switched it to this Saturday but this is NOT a regular thing. It will be Sunday usually.

Beginners/Returners – your choice is a 3 or 5mile flat route (out and back) to help build your confidence and for you to focus on your technique and posture when you are running. Coach: Melissa

Berlin Runners/or those want to keep their distance up – an 8 mile there and back route, mostly flat but with some off road elements perfect to keep your endurance running muscles but with a recovery type run after last week’s Half Marathon. Coach:Rachae

Marathon Runners: our ongoing marathon runners will take a longer route off-road before returning to the flat for a 14mile run. Coach: Kate


ALL THE ROUTES are available to view at if you ask to be the friend of the FitBitch Running Club. However, access to the many routes that you can use for your own training are only open to those with annual membership, or those who have previously been part of a training group with us, or are currently paying for a training package.

To give those going the longer route some idea of the route it will head up to the Marina before going off-road over Ovingdean (and then Rottingdean if with the marathon group) before heading back along the seafront.

Location: Hove Lawns Cafe (NOT the one near the Peace Statue)

Time: 8.30am, Saturday

Drop in: £5



15 responses to “Building distance: Training Saturday 25th Feb, 8.30am

  1. I’d like to do the 8 mile run. x

  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can the marathon group meet on Sunday. Getting chilcare at short notice is a NIGHTMARE & I am working late Friday night & doing my long mid-week run tomorrow too. I don’t feel I can miss the long run at this point in my training, but a Saturday run is really bad news for me, Sue

  3. I’ll run to meet you at the cafe and run back towards my house with you, and peel off as necessary distance-wise!

  4. I’d be up for the returner 5 miler on Saturday morning x

  5. Please include me for the returners 5 mile run please

  6. I’ll be there for the returners 5 mile run, thanks.

  7. Can’t do Saturday as such short notice but if the 8 miles gets moved to Sunday letme know. Otherwise see you next week

    • Paola – I can’t do Saturday either so let me know if you fancy meeting up for a run together on Sunday morning.
      Belinda x

  8. I’m up for the 8 mile run please. Laura

  9. 8 mile please. If anyone’s coming from the Preston Park area could I hitch a lift?

  10. Will see you guys for the long run, Karen

  11. Hi – I’ll be there for the long run,

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