New Goals for Beginners & Beyond

Be inspired - be inspiring

So, you’ve been inspired by seeing our runners (over 25 of them!) complete this year’s Brighton Half Marathon? Then now is your chance to become part of our new training group so you can be your own inspiration.

Don’t worry, we are not talking about taking on a half marathon here but if you are interested in completing a 10k, our next training group is going to be dedicated to taking a group to the BlueBell 10K on 22nd April.

This is a fantastic, very beautiful run through the woods covered in bluebells at this time of the year. And it is very friendly with all types of runners from beginners to advanced taking part.

If you have currently not even run 5k, don’t worry. Our eight week plan will ensure you get to the finish line feeling great. Remember, most of our half Marathon runners started training with us having only run a 5k!

Which brings me round to our Brighton Half runners. If you re not coming to Berlin but want  another goal to work towards so you dont’ lose your running mojo, there is also a 10mile option, the first time that the BlueBell run will include this.

You will need to enter the race by clicking this link

Beginners if you would like to commit to a training group with us, we are offering the following package, which will include the necessary number of runs as specified below, a training plan and a runner’s t-shirt. (runs are £4.50 and you get a training plan and runner’s t-shirt for free) .  Can’t commit? Just do a drop in and pay £10 a training plan.

Full Package of 15 training sessions on Weds and Sun, £67.50 –

Half Package of 7 training sessions either Weds or Sun, £31.50

To book email or comment here and we will send you our payment details. Please book your own entry to the race.


7 responses to “New Goals for Beginners & Beyond

  1. oh go on then! I’ll give the 10km a go – eek! Can I sign up for the 7 week half package please. I can’t do Wednesday or Sunday next week so can I claim that session in another week? Will get signed up to the race, blimey!

  2. 10km all booked! 🙂
    Please could I also sign up for the 7 session half package?
    Thanks Suzi

  3. 10km booked. I’d like to sign up for 7 session half package. I’ll be away from 11th to 26th March so can I do the 7 sessions after that?
    Thanks, Suzanne

  4. I’ve signed up!! Can’t do the training package as not around for enough days to do the training, but would love to join in with any runs that I can do!

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