Gain your middle distance legs, Sun 11th March

The view at the top - beautiful!

Please note, there will be another run posted for beginners on Sunday, and also a Marathon route too.

This route is for those who are already running regularly but who want to run socially with a group to help improve their enjoyment  – and their speed. And for those training for the Berlin 25k and Half Marathon.

Choose between a 9mile, 10mile and 12mile distance, starting from Rottingdean and going up over the Downs, overlooking Lewes to one side of the Downs and Breaky Bottom vineyard to the other.

We will all run together (looping back to work on pace if someone is at the back for those who want).

The 9mile route will end back at our start point, where the 10 and 12 mile route will continue on for a further loop.

Please comment if you are coming, and which distance you are aiming for.

The route is mapped for those who have paid for the plan or are subscribed to our running club.

Location: Rottingdean, Tesco Metro car park (free before 9am, and then fairly cheap)

Time: 8.30am

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195

Drop in: £5

If you need a lift get in touch, but remember you made need to catch a bus back if you’re doing a different distance (stop right by the end).


5 responses to “Gain your middle distance legs, Sun 11th March

  1. I need to do 8miles so will look at the route and see if I can find a way to shorten it. I don’t want to go over distance as my calf is niggling me!

  2. I’ll do 9 please; see you then . Tor

  3. Good idea. See you tomorrow.

  4. HI, I havent run with you before but would be interested in doing the 9 miles, is anyone driving from brighton that I could catch a lift with? best wishes, Louisa

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