Wanted: Running Ambassadors

Could you inspire others?

Anyone who has been training with us since we started over two years ago, or  recent joiners who began a few months ago and can now proudly call themselves half marathon runners, understand how transformative running can be.

It’s not just that it gives you slimmer legs and a smaller butt, but a sense of empowerment across all aspects of your life not just fitness.

If you would like to be part of our team that helps bring that self realisation to others then get in touch.

We are looking for women to become running ambassadors. This would involve helping to motivate others on Sunday runs (passing on those handy hints you have learned as you’ve dragged yourself up those hills cursing everything).

We are not looking for fitness experts. You DON’T need to know your transverse abdominis from your glute max. Nor do you need to know what affect gait, biomechanics or posture mean has on running (although you’ve heard us bang on about it so much, we wouldn’t be surprised if you did). Nor do you need to be a fast runner.

We are just looking for four women who love running and are happy to run at the back or middle of our Sunday running group as a steady, motivating force. And someone who is pretty handy with OS map reading wouldn’t be a bad thing either. (possession of an android or IPHONE would be beneficial but not essential).

What commitment do you need to give? You will need to be available for 1-2 Sunday sessions per month for at least six months.

What we offer in return:  Training to include a one week running school, logo t-shirt and sweatshirt to wear at all runs, and a complimentary membership to run club including all training plans and runs.*

But best of all? It offers you the chance to pass on your love of running to help it to transform others in the same way it has you.

We are looking for women who can commit to at least six months or one year. If you are interested then please email rachael@fitbitchbootcamp.com with why you would like to be a running ambassador by Weds 14th May.

*This does not include workshops or international events.




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