Beginners and bluebells

Sunday 11th March

This Sunday we will be running 3 miles for beginners and 5 miles for those training for the Bluebell 10k.

The run will start from Brighton Marina and we’ll head up together towards Ovingdean, taking in the sea views. Beginners running 3 miles will drop down towards the coast road past Roedean school and back to the Marina. Those running 5 miles will run towards Rottingdean, dropping back down to the coast road at the windmill.

There will be a slight incline, but this is an important part of your training, especially for the Bluebell runners. This run will build your leg strength and is a fantastic fitness booster.

We will be going at a steady pace, so don’t worry if you feel like you are a slow runner. Running in a group will provide you with support as well as helping to build your confidence.

The forecast looks good, so come and get your Sunday off to a sunny sociable start.

Please comment below if you are joining us to ensure we provide the right level of trainer support.

Trainer: Melissa 07894 146016
Meet: Asda car park, Brighton Marina
Time: 8.30am
Drop in: £5


Get out of the city this Sunday


4 responses to “Beginners and bluebells

  1. Count me for either 3 or 5 mile not sure yet.
    Melissa can I get a lift from you? Let me know p:)

  2. 5 mile run for me please!

  3. 5 mile for me. I will meet you at the stairs at st dunstans and carry on with you. Let me know if ok.

  4. Jeannie Hignell

    5 miles for me. Jeannie x

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