Hill training, Weds 14th March

Accomplish the hills and you'll feel this smiley!

Don’t be put off by the word hill if you are a beginner.  Hills are a runner’s friend as they help transform your running, making you a better, stronger and faster runner.

Or, if you’re just running to get in shape, they are great for recruiting more muscles in the bum, ergo, a better shape!

This session is a must for anyone training for the Blue Bell 10k or 10miles in particular. But if you have just joined us and are a beginner it is equally as good and you will work within your current fitness level and ability.

The session will involve hill repeats, going at pace up and down the hill with a rest period after each set. Both the up and down are important in hill training as it helps build the muscles, stability and plyometric strength.

Please comment here if you are coming to the training so that we can plan accordingly.

Location: Bottom of Dukes Mound, Madeira Drive

Parking: Free at this time

Time: 7.30pm

Drop in fee: £5

Coaches: Rachael & Melissa


9 responses to “Hill training, Weds 14th March

  1. Count me in! Anna

  2. I’ll be there, thanks Jenny

  3. I’ll be there!

  4. I’ll be there too….

  5. I’ll be there but you’ll need to be kind – not run since last Wednesday – life keeps getting in the way!!

  6. Victoria Davies

    Hi guys, I’ll be there tonight. See you later!

  7. I’ll be there too

  8. Jeannie Hignell

    Me too. Thanks.

  9. Karen russell

    Yes I’ll be there too

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