Running School starts Monday 19th March

Feel like this about running


Learn how to run efficiently and safeguard against the development of injuries with our one week, (1hr Mon-Fri) school.

Whether you are a total beginner or someone looking to improve these schools have been carefully designed to help analyse your running style and help you to build up and strengthen your foundations.

Our last batch of running school members started off as beginners (not able to run 5k). They graduated, joined our running club and three to four months later crossed the line of the Brighton Half Marathon.

Whatever your level, expect to graduate having learned a whole range of new skills and transformed the way you think about running. And feel ready to take on any challenge!

This school will be taught by the founder of Fitbitch, Rachael Woolston, who is also a yoga for runners teacher with a strong background in biomechanics.

Spaces available in both 6am and 7am schools at Hove for both men and women.. Price, £65. Book with a friend before Tuesday 13th March 6pm and one of you will be half price.


One response to “Running School starts Monday 19th March

  1. colleen ohara

    When is your next one im definatly intrested colleen

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