Training Run for all, Sunday March 18th

Hurrah no hills!

If you can run three miles or more, then this training run is for you.

This Sunday we will be combining all our running groups, beginners, BlueBell 10k runners, and those training for the Berlin Half Marathon and the Brighton Marathon groups.

Don’t panic, we will obviously all be running different distances but we will set off together on a beautiful scenic, flat (yes, really) route.

If you are a member of our club, have subscribed to a running package or paid a prescription you can become a friend of FitBitch Running Club on and look at the route for yourself.

Download the app to your phone and you can get the route sent to you.

For our Berlin runners, this week’s run will be a shorter 7-8miles to help us consolidate the endurance we have built so far, ready to go up distance again next week. And for those who are a bit behind, it is the perfect time to catch up.

Beginners, there will be a 3 mile route (returning on your own but it’s easy) while those training for the BlueBell go for six miles.

Marathon runners? It’s a biggie. 19miles but no gradient to help you get into your rhythm, and the support of everyone else running alongside you at the beginning.

Some of our new runners may be thinking ‘I could never run that far,’ of our marathon group.  Yet some of them could only run 5k a little over a year ago.

So come and celebrate women’s running and be part of our inspirational running crew.

The Marathon & Berlin group will be taken by: Kate & Rachael

BlueBell: Melissa

Location: Meet at the footbridge on the Shoreham beach side


Parking: Please consult this link for parking

Time: 8.30am (ensure you leave yourself time to park and meet us at the footbridge)

Drop in: £5



16 responses to “Training Run for all, Sunday March 18th

  1. Yes please I’m there Lucy

  2. I’ll be there

  3. Karen Napleton

    Count me in. Karen x

  4. Elspeth Hayde

    I will do the 7/8 miles.

  5. I’ll be there too, I don’t know Shoreham to well, but will leave plenty of time x

  6. I’m in, for the 8 miler. I need a lift please. Am on Second Avenue, Hove. Can meet someone nearby. Ta! Anna

    • Elspeth Hayde

      Hi, I can give you a lift. I will meet you at the bottom of second ave at about 7.55. Is that ok? I’ll be in a silver ford fudion

  7. I’m going to try the 3 miles & see how my list ailments hold out! Jo Rivett is coming too.

  8. I’ll be there for 7/8 miles.

  9. I’m in for 7/8 miles. Can anyone give me a lift from the 5ways / Preston Park end of town? I don’t need a lift back, just there? Cheers.

  10. Tor I can give you a lift, I’m just off the Fiveways. I’m going to leave plenty of time as not 100% certain where I am going. Shall I pick you up by the post office at 7.50 am?

  11. Karen russell

    Will see you for the long run tomorrow.

  12. Lift sorted: Thanks Elspeth!

  13. Hi Karen,

    That would be fab; then elspeth doesn’t have to come way back on herself. I’ll BE AT THE POST OFFICE FROM 7.45


  14. Hi Elspeth
    I just arranged a lift from Rachael – but thanks for the offer! See you in the morning. Anna

  15. I’ll be there Sue

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