7 Up…training for Berlin runners &more 7-13miles, Sat 24th March

Please note that Melissa will be taking a training session for beginners and 10k BlueBell Runners and will post this later in the week.

This run is for anyone new to our run club who can already run 7 miles but would like to join a friendly crew on a guided run. And of course,  for our Berlin and 10miles BlueBell running group.

We are moving the training session to Saturday just for this week to reflect the clocks going forward on Sunday.

Although many of you should be following our training plan, we are aware that some of you are a bit behind, or are not necessarily training for anything but still would like a ‘good’ run.

So this week we are putting on a run that will include all the following distances, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 miles.

It means meeting at different locations along the route, and depending on the distance, finishing either back where you started or at Hove seafront by the trampolines.

Complicated? Not really as long as you read this post properly!

12 and 13 miles, Time: 7: 30am, Meet Hove seafront by the trampolines – don’t be late! Link here

11 miles, Time: 7.40am, Meet Brighton Pier, end Hove seafront

10 miles, Time: 7.50am, Meet Marine Drive opposite Arundel Road – Link here

9 miles, Time: 7.40am, Start at Brighton Pier, end at Brighton pier

7 miles, Time: 7.50am, Meet Marine Drive, opp Arundel Road, link above

Please comment if you are coming. If you are on time at each of these locations, you will be fine we won’t go without you. If we are not there on the time specified, we’ll only be a few minutes away.

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195 – please call me on the day if there are any problems.

Price: £5

The Route? If you wish to look at the route, this is only available to those on a subscription package via a training programme, monthly or annual membership. Is that you? Then friend Fitbitchrunningclub (no spaces) on mapmyrun.com

To give you an idea, it will go along the seafront, over the cliffs towards Rottingdean before looping up over the Downs over Ovingdean before dropping down to the Marina again. It’s undulating. (really…not a huge hill!)



7 miles start: Brig


2 responses to “7 Up…training for Berlin runners &more 7-13miles, Sat 24th March

  1. I’ll meet you at Brighton Pier at 7.40am

  2. I will meet you at the trampolines

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