Last long Marathon Training run! Sunday 25th March.

Lucy looking pleased on the 19 mile route and ready for the 21 miles.

Our final long training run! It’s a biggie, 21 miles. But we’re keeping it flat and on road. We will meet at Hove train station at an earlier time of 7.40, to catch the 7.51 train to Goring-by-Sea (a 31 minute train journey, costing around £6). REMEMBER THE CLOCKS CHANGE!

Our running route then takes us along the coast to Shoreham Beach, over the footbridge and continues to Brighton Pier before heading back to Hove. We finish in Hove Park, which is very close to the train station and has the Cafe for a much needed refreshment, or slice of cake!

Sunday should be treated as a mock marathon run with preparation, hydration, nutrition and recovery being the way you are planning it for the actual marathon. Carbohydrates need to be eaten on the Saturday but do not try anything new that you’re unsure how your digestive system copes with. Keep hydrated and sip water throughout Saturday and Sunday morning. A good idea is to bring a throw away water bottle to sip on the train and a small snack, such as a banana. Think of it as waiting at the starters village and what you will have then.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress accordingly. A light top layer to keep you warm on the journey and for the first few miles, is a good idea. This can always be tied around the waist. Get everything ready the night before and aim for at least 8 hours sleep.

Call me if you need any further advice and please comment if you are joining us.

Meet: Hove Station forecourt @ 7:40am.

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Drop in:£5


5 responses to “Last long Marathon Training run! Sunday 25th March.

  1. I will be there if Karen is! Sue

  2. yes I’ll be there, half asleep (hopefully the top half of me!)! Lucy

  3. I’ll get on the train when it calls into Portslade at 7.58am – will call you when i get on to find where you are (Kate). Lucy

  4. I’ll be there!!!!!!

  5. I’ll be there although can’t imagine I’ll get anything like 8 hours sleep,,,

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