Finding your feet – BlueBell 10k & Beginners, Sun 25th March


This Sunday the Bluebells and beginners group will be looking to get more comfortable with running off-road on undulating terrain with a 4 mile and 7 mile route around the Sheepcote Valley.

Many of you wince at the sound of the ‘h’ word but avoiding slopes and undulations (still no mention of the ‘h’ word) will seriously limit your ability to improve your running strength and fitness, let alone the locations you can enjoy whilst training.

The best way to train for an event is to replicate what you’ll need to do on the day (specificity).For those of you running the Bluebell 10k, this run will simulate the course conditions with an up and down route which finishes with a climb along the racecourse. Beginners will benefit too and will turn back after 4 miles.

Don’t worry the views are fantastic from the top and we will support each other to help build your confidence for race day.

Please comment below if you are joining us to ensure we provide the right level of trainer support.

Time: 8:30am
Trainer: Melissa 07894 146016
Meet: Asda car park, Brighton Marina
Drop in: £5


4 responses to “Finding your feet – BlueBell 10k & Beginners, Sun 25th March

  1. Hi Melissa

    I’m coming – for the 4 miles, sounds great.

  2. i’ll be there…..will try for 7!!


  3. I ll be there for the 7 miles

  4. Victoria Davies

    I’ll be there 🙂

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