Beginners, Bluebells, Berliners and Marathoners – Training run Sunday 1st April


Join us on the downs this Sunday

This Sunday we will all set out together and will cover 5 miles, 7 miles and 13 miles in accordance with your training schedules or abilities.

Starting at Hove seafront, we will run up the three cornered copse to the windmill at Waterhall. The 13 mile group will run on to Devil’s Dyke and back down to Hove seafront.

Please make a mental note of your turning point to ensure you run the correct distance on Sunday. It’s easy to run too far when you’re chatting!

Running 5 miles (bluebells and beginners)- turn back at the top of three cornered copse.
Running 7 miles – (marathon training plan) turn back at the windmill
Running 13 miles (berlin plan) – you’ll end up back on hove seafront

For Beginners, Bluebells and Berliners this is an important training run to strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system for your race. For the marathoners, although you are tapering, this is still an important training session that will help ensure you are at your peak come race day.

As always with our weekend runs, the views are fantastic and we support each other along the way.

Please comment below if you are joining us to ensure we provide the right level of trainer support.

Time: 8:30am
Trainer 5 miles & 13 miles: Melissa – 07894 146016
Trainer 7 miles: Kate – 07985 221071
Back up runner: Tor
Meet: Trampolines at King Alfred Leisure Centre, Hove seafront side
Drop in: £5


8 responses to “Beginners, Bluebells, Berliners and Marathoners – Training run Sunday 1st April

  1. It’s Sophie’s party, so I’m going running on Saturday! x

  2. I’ll be there

  3. I’ll be there, how many miles should I be doing??

  4. I will be there for 7 miles

  5. I’ll be running the 7 miles.

  6. see you in the morning, will run 5 poss 7



  7. I’ll be there – want to run about 7 but will go as far as I can towards Devil’s Dyke then straight home on the way back if that’s OK? Depending on ankle etc… x

  8. Last minute decision – am on my way! Sue

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