Marathon, Berlin, BlueBell & Beginner’s Training Run, Sat 7th April

Seafront running

It’s the Saturday before you are about to eat lots of chocolate. So, help offset the damage by joining us for a lovely sunny run (we hope!) geared for all our training groups and beginners to FB too.

This weekend’s run will be on Saturday and start at the earlier time of 8am. There is a distance to suit ALL levels from 2miles to 14.5miles for those training for the Berlin 25k.

It is an out and back route, hugging the coast line and going up and over the cliffs for those going longer, and back along the undercliff.

There is a little sting in the tail for the BlueBell intermediate group – I’ll tell you when you come!


Meet: Outside Marrocco’s coffee and ice cream parlour on Hove Seafront (parking at King Alfred’s – not free or on the seafront but a bit more expensive).

Time: 8am

Distances: anything from 3miles to 14.5miles

BlueBell Runners; Beginners turn back at the marina, intermediate, mini roundabout (I’ll tell you)

Marathon runners: Kate will tell you the turn

Berlin runners: Saltdean or Telscombe

Coaches: Rachael & Kate

Drop in: Β£5



13 responses to “Marathon, Berlin, BlueBell & Beginner’s Training Run, Sat 7th April

  1. Karen Sharpe

    Can’t make this one, have fun everyone running. See you at the Marathon next weekend!!! x

  2. Elspeth Hayde

    I will be there

  3. I’ll come- will run around 13 miles I think?

  4. I will be there for the marathon training run! Sue

  5. I’m coming please. Lucy

  6. Are the marathon group running 8 miles please? Just so I can figure out if I need a good breakfast or can get away without it! πŸ™‚

  7. I’m going to come for a 3 or 4 miler… Before I head off to a hen do! Perfect, thanks x

  8. See you tomorrow.

  9. I’m in. Don’t know how long for – haven’t run all week. But I can work it out tomorrow – assuming we just turn back when we want to? x

  10. See you there for 8!


  11. I’ll be there! Want to do 10 miles please – also before a hen afternoon / night in London πŸ™‚

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