Keeping it fresh – pace and hills – Wednesday 11th April

Spend an evening in the park

This week we’re mixing it up by combining two essential elements of running fitness – speed and hills. We’ll start with a lap of Fartlek around Hove Park (intervals of running fast between two landmarks such as lamp posts) and then take on some off road hill repeats.

Forget the measuring tape and stopwatch, Fartlek is a fun way of incorporating speedwork into your training. If you’re training for the Berlin half, Bluebell 10k or want to improve your Park Run 5k time, train with us and see your shuffle transform into a sprint.

We’ll keep up the pace as we move on to tackle the hill repeats. Hill work improves muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness which ultimately means running quicker. The off road terrain will also help condition your ankles and stabilising leg muscles which is especially important for those of you training for the Bluebell.

Meet: Hove Park Cafe
Time: 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Trainer: Melissa (07894 146016)
Drop in £5.00


3 responses to “Keeping it fresh – pace and hills – Wednesday 11th April

  1. Hills and interval. I can hardly wait!

  2. Love fartlek, love it, love it….see you there

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