Marathon preparation – the final days and where to meet!

We’ve come a long way. Only 26.2 miles to go.

It’s almost hard to believe that after months of training, we are days away from the marathon. For most it’s the Brighton marathon this Sunday, for some it’s London the following week.

Here’s a few tips for you for the final few days and the morning itself.

Don’t be tempted to go out and blast another long or mid distance run. You may be feeling like you need that running fix. But you will regret it if you do.

Look back and think about all the training you have put in. Autumn/Winter sessions through to Spring. If you’re panicking that you’re not ready, this will remind you how far we have all come. Everyone of our runners are ready!

Keep yourself hydrated, drink little and often and start to fuel up from the Thursday before. A diet of complex carbohydrate that you know your body absorbs. Don’t go experimenting now.

The same as on the day – only use supplements that you have tried and tested and worked for you.

Look at the weather forecast. Although don’t take it for granted that it’s accurate (you don’t need me to tell you that!) Have a couple of outfits or layers ready, preferably ones that you have trained in. Like your running shoes, don’t wear something completely new. On this subject, I use Compeed as an anti – friction rub. Vaseline retains the moisture and not a great one to use.

Try to get a good sleep on the Friday. Obviously the same goes for Saturday, but with nerves and (hopefully) excitement, it might not be your best nights sleep of the week.

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself, take in the atmosphere and be proud of your achievement.

MEETING AREA: In front of the cafe smack bang in the middle of the Park. Facing the starting corrals.  8.05 to 8.15am.   I won’t have my phone on me, so please comment if you are going to be there. Or call me beforehand if you’re running late.

I suggest you drop bags off prior to meeting, to enable us all to head directly down to the corrals for 8.30 after warming up.

Kate: 07702983744


5 responses to “Marathon preparation – the final days and where to meet!

  1. Yes I will be there!!!!!!!! xx

  2. See you there

  3. I hope to be there but am also meeting up with a friend and will be with my husband and father in law… so don’t worry/wait if I don’t arrive in time to find you as think it might be hectic!

    If I don’t see you hope everyone has a great race – good luck, we can do it!! 🙂 Thanks for all your support Kate
    Lucy x

  4. I’ll be there!!!
    Sue x

  5. I will be there with Nick who will be shooting some shots for Fitbitches – looking forward to seeing everyone and thanks for your support Kate. Have a great race everyone! Sue x

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