Beginners, Training April 18th 2012

Some of our marathon team, still smiling. Mile 24!

At our run club, we’re still coming down from a high after seeing our brilliant  marathon group crossing the finish line at Sunday’s Brighton marathon.

What is even more amazing is that they all ten women were first time marathon runners. They have juggled family life and work with their training schedule and all crossed the finish line with smiles.

They have been an inspiration to us all. And I’m sure if you live in Brighton, you are probably feeling just as inspired by friends, family or even complete strangers that you saw running that day.

If it’s left you wanting to pull on your trainers and take up running yourself, or return to it if used to run, then come to this Wed’s training session.

We will be working on strengthening and posture for runners, plus a few pace drills and be discussing our next beginners running package.

OUr next beginners to 10k race day training package will start the week commencing April 30th, and will be the Friston Forest 10k.

But there’s no need to wait until April 30th, get training with us know so you’re ready and raring to go once we release our package details.




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