Women’s Beginner’s Running Group, starts 2nd May

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Mo Farah has been hailed as one of Britain’s’ greatest male distance runners. When asked for his top ten racing tips, he said:

‘Being in a training group helps a lot,’ he says.’It’s a community thing that’s inspiring.

It’s something all of our runners have commented on, after joining FitBitch. Such as Tor  Del Federico, who started with us last year as a total beginner.

‘Having someone to moan to, or discuss the finer points of Gary Barlow’s X Factor appearances as you hit a physical or mental wall on a run, makes all the difference,’ she says. ‘I appreciate the value of friends who will stop and pick you up when you fall over,  walk with you until you’re ready to run again, and push you to carry on when you doubt yourself.’

WE know it can be intimidating starting out with a group, worried that you will be the slowest or hold people up. It’s what we’re good at and why we have got dozens of women across finish lines, from 5ks to marathons since we started two years ago.

We are just coming to end of our training our last beginners group, who take on a hilly 10k this Sunday. If you want to be part of our next training group, it starts in two weeks.

Starting on Wednesday 2nd May, we will begin an eight week programme to train for the 10k Friston Forest run, near Seaford. (Don’t worry if you can’t make the first session, and if you want to join our training sessions before this date that is fine too).

Whether you are a beginner, or someone who is returning to running. Or you are a regular 10k runner who wishes to improve their time, we can help.

How do you book the package and what does it involve?

There are three options:

1. Pay £5 drop in rate to any of our training sessions on Wednesday or Sunday morning. But this does NOT include any training plan.

2. Full package, £77.50 including 15 runs on Wednesday and Sunday, a FB running t-shirt and training plan.

3. Half package, £41.50, including 8 runs, either Wednesday or Sunday, plus t-shirt and training plan.

Interested? Get in touch by commenting here or emailing info@fitbitchbootcamp.com for more details or for booking.


2 responses to “Women’s Beginner’s Running Group, starts 2nd May

  1. Kirstie Hayes

    Hi , i am interested in the full package , i did the Blue bell 10 k and would like to improve. i have also got a marathon place for next years Brighton marathon (!) so i have a way to go . Kirstie

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