It’s race day for the Bluebells! – Sunday 22nd April

Radiant Fitbitches after bluebell 10k 2011

After 7 weeks of hilly Sunday runs, it’s time to take on the Bluebell 10k challenge! You’ve put in the hard work and you’re ready for raceday. Almost!

To get the most out of your Bluebell 10k experience and to be your best on Sunday you need to do one more thing – get PREPARED! Take it easier this week making sure you’re last run is no later than Friday – a slow relaxed 2 miles maximum to keep your legs moving, allow you to focus and relieve any pre-race nerves or tension without putting additional stress on the body. Make sure you are foam rollering everyday including Sunday morning for light and springy legs!

Get your gear together as soon as possible. The forecast is sunshine and light showers, so think about packing a lightweight showerproof jacket and a change of clothes for after the race incase you do get wet. Go do it now – you don’t want to add to pre-race nerves by hunting around for your race bib or your favourite running vest on Sunday morning only to find its in the laundry bin (arghhh!).

Nutritionally, make sure you are well hydrated. Try and avoid alcohol on Saturday night (!) and be aware about drinking more water over the next few days. Carrying a large water bottle around with you all day is an easy way to measure how much water you’ve actually consumed.

Stay relaxed and sleep well. This isn’t an endurance race, so you don’t need to consume extra calories. Stick to your regular eating plan (which as a fitbitch is full of lean proteins, fruit and vegetables right?!) and eat the same types of foods to avoid any upset tummy issues on Sunday.

Arrangements for Sunday

If you don’t know how you are going to get to Angmering, comment below or get in touch with your running buddies on twitter or text me (Melissa). There’s bound to be a spare seat.

Meet: In front of the Fox pub at 10am for pre-race focus and warm up. Our 10km course starts at 10.30am (10miles starts earlier at 10.15am from the same place).

Note there is a 15 minute walk from the car parking fields to the pub, so arrive in plenty of time.

If you have any pre-race worries, concerns, questions about any aspects of Sunday’s event comment here or text me (Melissa 07894 146016).


3 responses to “It’s race day for the Bluebells! – Sunday 22nd April

  1. Hello! I live in Brighton on Belvedere Terrace (just up from Norfolk Square and Western Road). Does anyone have two spare seats for my partner and I? Otherwise we will have to walk 2 miles from the station! Any help would be great 🙂

  2. Victoria Davies

    Hi! I’m also looking for a lift. I live in Brighton by Preston Park. Has anyone got space for one? I’d be more than happy to chip in with petrol money and could meet wherever is best for the driver! Thanks, Victoria

  3. Hi, this is a message to for Anna Stav: please can you call me on 389675 to confirm where and when you need picking up from. if I don’t hear from you by tomorrow night, 8 pm I’ll assume you are sorted with another lift.

    Victoria, I can give you a lift too; that will be the car full then though as I am also picking up Elspeth. I live on Osborne RD; GIVE ME A CALL ON THE ABOVE NO to arrange a pickup POINT. cheers


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