Ready to join us? Beginners and beyond

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Last Sunday 22nd april was a Super Sunday – we had our latest beginners to 10k runners reach their goal with a seriously hill 10k trail race.

And we are, or were talking beginners here. We know starting off it can be tempting to stick to a 5k but with 8 weeks training you can take on something longer just like these girls and succeed.

Our next 0-10k starts Weds 2nd May (details of packages here) although don’t wait until then but come and join us this Wednesday – details to come.

It was a Super Sunday though as we also had a lot of our runners doing the 10mile trail run too, including our new Running Ambassador, Tor, (seen sprinting in the picture above) who will be using her experience to help new runners on our Sunday training runs.

Tor started as a total beginner too and dreaded the hills. Now look at her…she willingly enters a hilly 10miles and sprints just after a seriously hilly finish!

And let us not forget our marathon runners, Sophia Newlove and Karen Russell. All in all, a fantastic weekend of running for the FitBitch crew!


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