Build up your running speed and increase your strength. Wednesday 25th April.

Have you got the power.

Have you got the power?

Some of us are still buzzing from  The Bluebell 10 and marathon fever and inspired to become a stronger runner. That may not be a desire to run that distance, an improvement in running ability is rewarding enough. Strength and speed go hand in hand to enhance this. The combination of the two creates more running power. The body needs to be trained in order to run faster, this is where the speed training works alongside the strength. A complete stride during running requires strength, not only in the lower body. The stronger the body, the longer the stride thus creating more speed.

For a mid to long distance runner (Berlin crew!), this training helps you not only to be more powerful but to keep some energy in reserve as you’re using less energy expenditure. For other runners, this training method will help your running improve and also give you awareness of footstrike and technique.

Where: Hove seafront, promenade by Courtney Terrace (bottom of Fourth Ave)

When: 7.30pm

Coach: Kate. 07702983744

£5 drop in.

Leave a comment if you can join us.


9 responses to “Build up your running speed and increase your strength. Wednesday 25th April.

  1. can’t make this as I cant get away from a work thing in London till 6.30. Rubbish – have a good one! g

  2. Rachel Burstow

    I am planning on coming it will be my first ‘fitbitch’ session but I am not new to running – I woossed out in the heavy rain last week so hopefully drier tomorrow!

  3. Will see you there

  4. See you there.

  5. see you there too…

  6. colleen ohara

    i am new please be gentle on me all you runners ..

  7. I came weds and loved it I would love to do more but need your advice on what should I do nxt just go wdnesday Evesham as I am a real beginner and Kate says I need to balance my body it’s unbalanced I ru with a wiggle lol please can you help I’m really keen and passionate to learn

    Colleen Ohara

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