Wednesday Welcome to New & regular FitBitch Runners

Revelling in the glory of running. Next stop, Berlin.

Whether you are a regular FitBitch runner, or a completely new to FitBitch (or to running), this Wednesday’s session is not to be missed.

It will be at Hove Lawns, adjacent to Hove Street South, at 7.30pm. Parking in King Alfred centre car park. We’ll be looking at biomechanics, technique and a pace run for Berlin runners.

This is also an opportunity to meet all three running coaches, Rachael, Kate and Melissa, as well as our team of running ambassadors, Tor, Karen, Melanie and er, Melanie.

Who, and what are, FB running ambassadors? They are women just like YOU. Most started as beginners with us, and have now run a few half marathons and even marathons between them.

They are now part of our friendly crew, who are here to help YOU on Sunday runs. They will use their experience to help you run that extra mile, or up that hill, when everything in your brain is telling you to stop.

Why are they qualified? Because they’ve been there and done it – muscles screaming, lungs on fire , but they’ve got up that hill, and overcome that obstacle. (Plus, they have all been trained at our Running School).

This is also an opportunity to discuss up coming training packages for forthcoming events, and our run specific training, for those who have entered other races and want to ensure they get the right type of training.

Want to know what we’ve got lined up, and which package/race might suit you? Read on…

Our training packages include:

Friston Forest 10k, Sunday June 24th. Who is this best for? Beginners who want to train to 10k, and those who can already run 10k who want to focus on speed, and tackling hills. (Scan down our blog posts for training package costs).

Brighton Trail Blazer, 10km Trail Race, Sunday 29th July. Who is this best for? Everyone and anyone who wants to explore the Downs on a beautiful sunny morning. If you miss the Friston Forest package, join us for this.

Firle 7mile and Half Marathon, September 30th. Who is this best for? Beginners who want to train to 7miles, and those who have tackled BlueBell and Friston Forest who want to take on a half marathon. (package prices to come).

Rise The Undercliff Run for Women, October 7th. Who is this for? Everyone but particularly beginners as it is a flat route (although not necessarily wind-free!) and all for women.

Royal Parks Half Marathon, October 7th. Who is this best for? Anyone looking for a  half marathon challenge. That said, it’s sold out so you need to sign up for a charity if you want to do this.(package prices to come)

Fun in the Sun! Lake Garda 15k (less than 10miles) and Marathon, October 14th. Who is this best for? Anyone who wants a rewarding holiday with a group of like minded women!

Also for those who want to go beyond 10k, but don’t want to spend the summer putting in miles for a half marathon.(15k is just under 10miles) Plus our more experienced runners who would really like to smash their PBs by working on speed.

Er, and those who have got the marathon bug, or want to pop their marathon cherry! (package prices to come).

Run Specific Training geared to the following:

South Downs Half Marathon, Sunday 9th June. Who is this best for? Those who are already up to 10miles, who want to focus on building distance and mastering hills.

Spartan Super Sprint,  Redhill, Sunday July 22nd. Who is this best for? Those who just want to get fit and don’t want to run miles (it’s only 3miles) and for the seasoned FitBitch runner who wants to add a different element to training – you’ll be amazed at how obstacles change your running experience!

North Devon Half Marathon, Sunday 24th June. Who is this best for? As above

Whether you are part of our club, a complete beginner, returning to running or just want to be part of a friendly, sociable and inspirational women’s running revolution, NOW is the time!

Please comment here if you are coming, and tell us which runs you are interested in. Don’t worry, commenting here is no obligation!

See you on Wednesday, rain, shine, wind or snow!


16 responses to “Wednesday Welcome to New & regular FitBitch Runners

  1. I think I might try to do the South Downs Half. And I will try to come to Lake Garda. No commitment yet as to distance for the latter. And I’m doing the N Devon Half. ANd the Royal Parks (got a lottery place). God. This is getting a bit of an obsession isn’t it? Pls someone else comment and let me know I’m not alone!!!

  2. You, obsessed, never. But hey I’m going to try to do Friston, Firle Half and top it off in Lake Garda, just think of the beautiful views, both human and natural landscapes…

  3. Would love to try for the Friston 10k but they all look appealing – if only I could run!!!! I’m a total beginner to running and looking forward to wednesday to get started…

  4. I’ve already signed up for South Downs Half, will probably do Brighton Trail Blazer and Firle Half, and am a ‘maybe’ for 15k in Lake Garda depending on travel/work plans! Always good to have goals – the training never stops 🙂

  5. Jenny Holmes

    Hi – I can’t make Weds unfortunately but am signed up for South Downs Half, Bewl15 and planning to make Lake Garda (thinking 15k but looks like there might also be a 30k option so will see….)
    Looking forward to lots of FB training!

  6. I’ll be there Wed and interested in the Firle Half Marathon, plus the Friston and Brighton Trail Blazer 10km.

  7. Hi,
    I will be there tomorrow, am looking to do friston, brighton trail blazer AND have just signed up for the Firle Half marathon (my first ever half!) 🙂

  8. I’m looking at the Friston 10k, Firle half and possibly Lake Garda, but not sure about the latter yet. I’m away for the South Downs half but might train with you for it anyway
    Wednesday sounds great and will try and come down, but things bit hectic with Berlin coming up (woo hoo!)

  9. Kirstie Hayes

    Hi , I am keen to do Friston, the trailblazer and Firle half, i am new to to the group but unfortunately i can’t make it tomorrow .

  10. I’m coming tonight! Am signed up for Firle half; very interested in Lake Garda. Possibly interested in Spartan Super Sprint, Brighton Trail Blazer, Undercliff 10k too. Anna.

  11. Karen Sharpe

    Can’t come tonight, have .signed up for loads though, including another Marathon in September!!! Very very interested in Lake Garda, will commit to 15K at the moment. Karen x

  12. Not signed up for anything……just like coming to train and run!! See you later

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